Fragmenter is a realtime animation app to make moving images, built around a unique looping animation engine. You can make abstract kaleidoscopic animations in seconds, or make longer animations, bringing to life your drawings. Fragmenter‘s live-drawing features make it a perfect tool for a vj with drawing skills. You can also sync the animation with music and make videos that have an unconventional hand-made look.

Basic features:

Advanced features:

Longtitle Productions

I am Balázs Keszegh, the person behind Longtitle Productions. Currently the focus is on developing Fragmenter and the game Ikonomikon. To develop Fragmenter and other stuff I use Gideros, a very friendly open-source cross-platform SDK. For more info see the Longtitle Productions homepage.


Miracle is an art collective without which Fragmenter wouldn't be what it is. Also, Longtitle Productions is a small subset of Miracle. Various members of Miracle are using Fragmenter in live performances, in particular Diego Verastegui and Benjamin Efrati.


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If you have any questions or comments about Fragmenter or anything related, please contact us at "longtitlepro at gmail dot com".