2022 October 13

Past Fragmenter event and new features

Recently The French Institute in Budapest celebrated the building's 30th anniversary. Fragmenter was also invited and we made a nice workshop for children together with Gyik Műhely:

There is also a new version of Fragmenter with 3 main new features: a palettes window, new pixelate fx parameters and midi note range control, for more about these see the Fragmenter Devlog post.

2022 June 30

New Fragmenter version

After a complete rewrite of the user interface, the latest Fragmenter is more usable than ever before. Also, this is the first time it is available on itch.io.
To celebrate this we share with you a showreel made by Diego Verastegui:

While it was still made with the previous version of Fragmenter, it nevertheless gives a good impression of what Fragmenter is capable of in the right hands.

2020 March 13

Fragmenter / Miracle event in Budapest

Recently Fragmenter was featured in multiple ways in the French Insitute, Budapest. First, there was a concert on 2020 January 30 by Benjamin Efrati and Wassim Halal during which Balazs Turai was creating live visuals using Fragmenter:

Then on 2020 February 01 there was an event in the French Insitute, Budapest, parallel to the Angoulême International Comics Festival. A main part of the event was an exhibition of the Miracle group with four items, out of which three features Fragmenter:

2020 January 06

Fragmenter Retrospective

Let us begin the new year by looking back into the past and summarize some of the highlights in the history of Fragmenter.
First here is a brief chronology of how Fragmenter developed to its current state:
  • pre-2012: various earlier iterations programmed in Flash and in Processing
  • 2012: first cross-platform release using the Gideros SDK
  • 2014: symmetry tools that allow mandala-like animations, custom colors
  • 2015: textured brushes, custom background image
  • 2016: timeline, frame-by-frame animation tools
  • 2017: library, projection to separate window
  • 2018: fx, spout output, multiple symmetry centers
  • 2019: midi input
  • 2019: download of latest desktop version made available for free on the Fragmenter website
Next here is a brief chronology of how Fragmenter was used in various media:
  • 2014: several vj-parties, Budapest
  • 2014: Fragmenter presentation by Benjamin Efrati during the exhibition Possibles d’un monde fragmenté, Paris
  • 2015: live show at FOFF festival by Diego Verastegui and Benjamin Efrati, Angoulême
  • 2016: Rhodes Tennis Court music video by Diego Verastegui
  • 2017: participation at Riders on the mall idea-market, Budapest
  • 2017: Xenofragmenter by Benjamin Efrati exhibiting a modified version of fragmenter, Paris
  • 2018: several live animations done by Diego Verastegui, Paris
  • 2019: Bey.Ler.Bey concert at Mediawave 2019, Komárom

2019 May 23

New professional features in Fragmenter

Although there were no posts for some time, many things have happened since then. Fragmenter got a plethora of new features, these are the most important ones:

  • improved library,
  • improved projection window,
  • advanced symmetrical drawing tools, including multiple symmetry centers,
  • special effects, like glitch, pixelate and more,
  • spout output, that can be received by other VJ apps,
  • midi input so that midi devices can control various things in Fragmenter, using it with a physical midi device or with any software that can detect the pitch etc. of audio, Fragmenter can respond realtime to live audio.

It's never been cheaper and easier to get started with Fragmenter

There were important updates to the Fragmenter homepage as well:

  • now everyone can download the latest version of Fragmenter after simply signing up to our mailing list,
  • there is a new User Manual updated for the latest version of Fragmenter.

Things are made with Fragmenter

Last but not least there were many events featuring Fragmenter, check out the recording of a recent concert at Mediawave 2019, with music by Bey.Ler.Bey and visuals by members of Miracle:

2017 Dec 1

Our biggest news is that in the latest version of the desktop versions of Fragmenter finally it is possible to show the animation in another window, which can be set to fullscreen on a second monitor or a projector. So finally there is no need for additional software when using Fragmenter on a live event.

Also, we made an Artists section on our homepage to make it easier to find out more about the artists who work extensively with Fragmenter. Diego Verastegui, the first artist included there, recently made a cool compilation of his work made with Fragmenter:

2017 Nov 30

We are past the exhibition about Xenoxenism, here you can have a look at a short video documentation, where among others you can see people drawing upon their faces using a modified Fragmenter:

2017 Sept 28

On 2017 Oct 7 Miracle will present the exhibition Xenoxenism in Paris. It is centered around Xenoxenism and features an interactive work called XenoFragmenter based on Fragmenter that modifies and merges the image of the people in multiple stages. Have a look at the test session that happened earlier in Budapest:

2017 Apr 11

On 2017 Apr 30 Rhodes Tennis Court will give a concert in Kisüzem (Budapest), animating live with Fragmenter. The concert will be in the scope of the Ukmukfukk Zinefeszt 2017, check out their page for the rest of the events.

2017 Apr 4

On 2017 Apr 1 we participated in the idea-market of ROM (Riders on the mall) where many new people could try out Fragmenter. During the event Balázs Turai made this trippy animation:

2017 Febr 3

We want to share with you how Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) is perfect to project portions of a Fragmenter window. This is probably the simplest and most effective way to hide the menu and other technicalities from your audience during a live Fragmenter event. With OBS you can even mix your Fragmenter drawings with any video, another vj app output or anything else you can imagine. Highly recommended to use with Fragmenter.

There were also new events pushing further the limits of Fragmenter. First, check out this Miracle production with Diego drawing with Fragmenter:

Also check out a guest appearance by Benjamin Efrati and Diego Verastegui for the band Dorcelsius in Kyoto. They projected their Fragmenter live creations on a building:

2016 Sept 13

Check out the latest music video made by Diego Verastegui for music by Rhodes Tennis Court. It is nicely showcasing how cool stuff you can do with Fragmenter.

2016 Apr 13

Now you can use fragmenter even in your browser! Go and try Fragmenter out. Further new features, updated documentation and updated android versions are planned too.

Meanwhile, our Media section is constantly updated with new videos, see e.g. Diego Verastegui animating:

2015 Oct 09

First of all check out the collections of YouTube and Vimeo videos featuring Fragmenter among the Media, there are videos about recent events where Fragmenter was used.

But that's not all. Now that the desktop versions of Fragmenter are working, I've added two great new features (and more interesting things are to come). Note that so far these features are not publicly available, contact us if you are interested in using them (on android, windows or mac). The first is the possibility to use various brushes. The second is that now a running Fragmenter can behave like a remote control for another Fragmenter running on the same computer or even on the same local network. This way finally it's possible to give live presentations where you don't need to use the buttons and other controls on the projected Fragmenter but on another screen/another computer/phone etc., so the menus don't distract the audience anymore.

Check out a short demo made by János Hardi using the remote control feature. You can also spot the new brushes:

2015 Jan 18

The Kickstarter project to port Gideros Studio to desktop platforms (Windows and Mac) and Windows Phone was successful. This means that in about half a year you can enjoy Fragmenter on your PC (Win and Mac). Moreover, Fragmenter will also be available on the Raspberry Pi. As a gratitude to the supporters of the crowdfunding, among many other games and apps, Fragmenter Pro will be available for free on the Raspberry Pi.

    will be available on        

2014 Dec 3

There is a Kickstarter project to port Gideros Studio to desktop platforms (Windows and Mac) and Windows Phone. Gideros Studio is a great cross-platform programming enviroment, which is used to develop Fragmenter. If the kickstarter is successful, then soon you could enjoy Fragmenter on your PC. So kickstart Gideros to kickstart Fragmenter.

2014 Oct 22

On 2014 Nov 2 in Palais des Beaux-Arts, Paris there will be a collective exhibition Possibles d’un monde fragmenté [Potentialities of a fragmented world], curated by Enrico Lunghi, including an extensive presentation about Fragmenter by Benjamin Efrati and the Miracle collective.

2014 Aug 09

Today, on 2014 Aug 09 Fragmenter was again featured at an event of Fogasház. A photo from the previous event:

2014 July 16

On 2014 July 19 Fragmenter will be featured at an event of Fogasház.

2014 June 16

Fragmenter 2.1 is released on the Amazon App store, download it to try the new kaleidoscope/mandala making features.

What's new:

  • reflection and rotational symmetry modes: make animated kaleidoscopes/mandalas
  • RGB color chooser: now you can use any color you want
  • gui arrangement optimized for tablet size screens: you can reach all the tools with one click
  • complete user manual: now you can learn all the tricks about Fragmenter

2014 May 30

On 2014 Jun 14 Fragmenter will be featured at an event of Planetwatching.

2014 May 7

The amazing new mirroring/kaleidoscope/mandala feature is done and will be in the next release.

2014 May 3

There was a DJ-party in Müszi, Budapest where we used Fragmenter to make nice visuals, videos coming soon.