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Keyboard shortcuts

You can also download the Fragmenter keyboard shortcuts cheat sheet.


SHIFT+left-click: right-click


ENTER or F11: fullscreen on/off
TAB: show/hide top menu and windows
CTRL+TAB: show/hide bottom menu
F1: show/hide layers window
F2: show/hide tools window
F3: show/hide file browser window
F4: show/hide midi control window
F5: show/hide palettes window
F12: next MIDI device


q: pen tool
w: color picker
e: symmetry center editor
o: change pen color
p: change pen texture
[/]: decrease/increase pen size
b: background canvas show/hide
j: change reflectional symmetry
k: change number of rotational symmetric copies
l: always show symmetry centers on/off
\: enable/disable fx
z: undo


CTRL+s: save project
ALT+~: show/hide project
ALT+HOME: rewind all layers
ALT+DELETE: erase every frame of every layer
ALT+0: play/pause project
ALT+: rewind/forward x frames on all loop layers

Layer list

1,2,3,4,5,6: activate specific layer
CTRL+1,2,3,4,5,6: show/hide specific layer
ALT+1,2,3,4,5,6: play/pause specific layer

Active layer

~: show/hide active layer
SPACE: play/pause active layer
HOME: rewind active layer
DELETE: erase every frame of active layer
-/+: decrease/increase length of the tail
f: fade tail out on/off
CTRL+f: fade tail in on/off
u: set frame-by-frame anim mode
u twice or CTRL+u: set onion skin mode
</>: rewind/forward x frames (x is the current framejump value)
CTRL+: go to previous/next non-empty frame